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Founded in 2004, Jibe Lighting has been transforming LED technology into various lighting applications. Positioned as a LED Luminaire Solution Provider for retail lighting and offices we’re working closely with architects, designers and electrical contractors to help retail shops and offices create a comfortable illuminated environment in which customers enjoy an interactive and inspirational shopping experience, while retailers get maximized return on investment. LED luminaire design and manufacturing is the foundation of the value we bring to our customers.

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Working closely with our associated partners, Jibe Lighting is dedicated to creating more values our customers expect. We see ourselves as a light factory instead of just a luminaire manufacturer.


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Who is jibe lighting ?

  • People reliable; responsive; informative; helpful; Sales team avg. 4+ years with Jibe guarantees consistent service. Extensive sales training program.
  • Focus focus on retail lighting segment to bring people lighting pleasure.
  • Certfied and Guranteed Certified and Guaranteed ISO9001, TUV and DEKRA certified, 5-year warranty
  • Original & Innovative Design distinguish from the ompetition, new opportunities.
  • Flexibility each retail brand/project is unique and requires a customized approach. We have re-known brand’s quality but much more flexible
  • Communication pleasant and efficient, understand customers’ needs of today and tomorrow.
  • Innovation constantly on the look-out for the trends of the future, new technology, new materials and sustainability.
  • Value-added Service value-added marketing and sales support, help you buy and help your sales team sell.